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The Whiteboard Band Of The Day…

If you like what you hear, check out Family of the Year’s St. Croix EP available everywhere now. Download it here.


Name: Family Of The Year

Family Of The Year recently gave the UK a taste of what the US have been experiencing with their St.Croix EP. It is their debut in the UK but they have actually released music in their native US over the past couple of years. They are four guys and a couple of girls who together have been described as being like Fleetwood Mac but without the sleeping with each other and the heavy drug use. And why would they need to use drugs when they sound as absurdly happy as they do on the track ‘St. Croix’? It is a very happy, infectious track but it’s not too saccharine, which is what makes it so appealing. We urge you to have a listen…

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