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“St. Croix” // Family of the Year

When I was in New York for CMJ, I got the chance to preview this music video during a tinyOGRE presentation. I fancy the song incredibly catchy and the video is sweeter than honey. Enjoy this sandy swoon song as winter approaches, and daydream of thoe sunny summer days!

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Madi Diaz & The Wilderness of Manitoba on Amazon MP3's Best Songs of 2011 List!

Madi Diaz's “Let's Go” and The Wilderness of Manitoba "Summer Fires" both make Amazon MP3’s Best Songs of 2011! Look for Madi at #34 and TWOM at #77 on the list here.

If you like what you hear, download Madi Diaz’s Far From Things That We Know EP here. The Wilderness of Manitoba’s full-length When You Left the Fire is also available now.

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